How to promote Medical Tourism in India?

Gaurav Dhingraby Gaurav Dhingra08 June, 2018

India is a great platform for medical tourism. It has shown constant growth since the year 2015. Today India has leading medical facilities, experts, specialists and equipment for curing patient’s diseases or illness cheaper than many other countries in the world. It cuts down half of the cost compared to many other countries. Indian Medical facilities should be promoted for bringing revolution in the tourism industry.

How to promote Medical Tourism in India?

To promote Indian medical services globally many steps are taken by the government and Indian healthcare federation. Currently, the official website of India i.e. has published a guide on selected Indian hospitals, which are a part of medical tourism facilities.


Television advisements and web tutorials should be designed on a wide scale for informing people of the world about Indian medical tourism. Brochures and CDs and other digital materials should be distributed by the Ministry of Tourism in different countries of the world.

The World Travel Market, ITP Berlin, and London are the places where the medical and health tourism has been promoted on a larger scale. Moreover, Indian medical tourism is promoted by introducing a special VISA for the medical patients, who want to travel to India for a specific medical purpose.


To make the medical tourism in India a successful one, there should be some Indian traditional treatments and practices to be introduced and promoted for the recovery of various illness and diseases. These days people urge for getting cured naturally and Indians have some great logic of Yoga and Asanas for helping people getting cured without the use of medication. Following different ideas on the grounds of medical treatment can help India become a hub of medical tourism.

The ministry of tourism in India has also introduced the Market Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme for promoting the same. The health ministry is also very actively promoting medical tourism through digital marketing and information for same can be gathered from


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