Four Painless Steps That Will Make Finding a Great Health Domain Name Easy

08 February, 2023

If you truly want your health startup to flourish, you must be willing to seek out new markets and expand your business to reach more clients. And you could accomplish both of these goals by placing your company online.

Choosing a strong domain name can give your health company a strong foothold in the online market. However, picking the best web address for your business can be daunting without the proper knowledge.

It goes without saying that having a domain name that stands out, is distinctive, and says a lot about your health business is critical to success. And, no matter how tough it is to discover, your company should have one.

So, today, we'll show you four manageable steps to choosing a domain name that'll provide your business an advantage online.

Four Painless Steps to Getting an Outstanding Domain Name for Your Health Business

Great Business Name
Great Business Name

1. Find a Great Business Name

Finding a solid brand name is the first step to creating a memorable domain name. That's because choosing a unique brand name makes it far easier to create a domain name that catches customers' attention.

Consider this: your business name is the core foundation of your company's identity, and your domain name is the online extension of that identity. So, both of them need to function in harmony if you want them to generate the best results.

Two reliable methods of getting great domain names for your company that are unique, captivating, and memorable are brainstorming or accessing Squadhelp name ideas.

Brand's Positioning
Brand's Positioning

2. Consider Your Brand's Positioning

Your domain name serves as your company's web address. And, because it helps to identify you online, it's only natural to think about your business and brand before deciding on a domain name.

Your domain name should be heavily influenced by your brand, name, tone, and positioning. Even if you don't want an exact-match domain name, ensure any domain name you pick aligns with your brand identity.

Exact-Match Domain Name
Exact-Match Domain Name

3. Consider Using an Exact-Match or Descriptive Domain Name

There are two basic options for selecting a great domain name. The first option is creating an exact match domain name based on your business name, and the second is using a descriptive keyword-based domain name.

a. Using an Exact-Match Domain Name

Most of the world's leading companies use an exact-match domain name. And one significant advantage of this approach is that knowing your domain or health product names is equivalent to knowing the name of your business.

For example, if you wish to get to Microsoft's website, entering its name into a search engine followed by the domain extension '.com' will take you there. This demonstrates how exact-match domain names provide quick access to the websites for which they are utilized.

Descriptive Domain Name
Descriptive Domain Name

b. Use a Descriptive Domain Name

As the name indicates, this approach typically uses a phrase that indicates and summarizes a company's offerings rather than a single word.

Getting a descriptive domain is an excellent approach to telling your customers about your brand and its services just by glancing at your domain name. For example, an entrepreneur running a health brand can use the domain name, ''

Using this domain name instantly tells customers that the company is a health brand focused on offering services to customers in Florida.

This approach enhances your website by informing clients about your specific services. Besides, its SEO properties also make it easier for clients to access your website, even if they are unfamiliar with your business name.

When choosing a domain name for your company website, remember that you are not limited to one approach. If you can afford it, use an exact match domain name as your primary web address and a descriptive domain name as your secondary address.

Appropriate Extension
Appropriate Extension

4. Choose an Appropriate Extension

It's one thing to pick a domain name; it's another to decide which domain extension to pair it with. Choosing the best domain extension can increase or decrease the value and effectiveness of your domain name. Therefore, selecting the ideal one for your domain is a critical task you can't ignore.

Stick to well-known domain extensions like ‘.com,’ ‘.net,’ and ‘.org’ when choosing a domain extension. Other extensions, depending on your industry, can be more appropriate. If your focus is in the health niche, selecting the ‘.health’ or ‘.med’ extension may be better suited for your needs.

Remember, choosing extensions that your core audience isn't used to can make your domain name more difficult to remember.

Final Advice

Having a great domain name that stands out and communicates your brand's personality is critical to your success as an online brand. So, ensure you find a great domain that's short, simple, and can clearly represent your health business online.

Keep these tips in mind when finding a web address, and you'll be well on your way to creating the best domain name for your business.

Grant Polachek is the Head of Branding at Squadhelp, a 3X Inc. 5000 firm. Squadhelp is known as one of the best crowdsource naming agencies. We've examined over a million names and built a large, reliable list of powerful company and domain names that’ve been used by countless rising startups and established Fortune 500 companies.

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