How can Healthcare Websites Boost Patient Lead Conversions

Gaurav Dhingraby Gaurav Dhingra19 January, 2018

The issue with many hospitals isn’t that they don’t have enough leads. They do. The problem is that these leads are not converting. Every lead that doesn’t convert is a lost customer. With competition creeping up, even hospitals and healthcare facilities can’t underestimate or ignore the power of marketing that eventually boosts patient lead conversions.

Therefore as a healthcare marketer what is your job?

Turn visitors into customers. Not just attract them one time, but aim for establishing brand loyalty. They should think of you every time there is an emergency and no one else. If you think that an updated website with relevant content posted weekly is all you need to achieve to make that happen, you are in the dark. What you desperately need is lead nurturing –the art of turning prospects into clients.

Here are 5 ways you can develop a strong lead nurturing strategy:

1. Segmentation

Looking to convert leads? Don’t just blast out content mindlessly. Use patients’ personas to subtly target the interest and needs of your audience. Tailoring content that way will allow you to really get into their heads and prove that you care.

2. Educate Rather Than Promote

Try educating them with insightful content rather than just promoting your own hospital. Focus on their needs, not yours. Focus on questions and answers that make patients’ journeys less complex and stressful by offering them support and information about the diseases they are going through. Once you have attended to those needs, only then put a less overwhelming yet powerful call-to-action.

3. Attract them with the Right Offer

The right offer is that opportunity window that every hospital gets when a prospect customer picks up the phone or books an appointment inquiring about the procedures and prices. As a healthcare marketer, it is time to make the most of that opportunity and ensure that the prospect converts into a consumer before the call is disconnected. Leveraging this opportunity in the most apt manner can help hospitals boost their response rate by 300%. However, it is only achievable when the marketer knows what the audience wants.

4. Track Progress Using Metrics

Track the data gathered using key metrics like bounce rate, conversion rate, click-through rate, email open rates, visits before conversion rates etc. All of these will help determine how good or bad your lead nurturing strategy is doing. This gathering of highly-intelligent data will also help you invest your efforts in the right track so that they pay off well.

5. Follow-up

Last but not the least, do a follow-up on patients’ queries. Whether they got in touch with you via your social media page, emailed you their query or directly talked on call, if they didn’t convert after that, see what happened. Inquire if they changed their mind and seek feedback if your response was satisfactory or not. Most patients need at least a couple of follow-ups before they turn into a customer, so the key is not to give up on them too soon.

We at Refresh Healthcare can help you build the fundamentals towards the advance digital strategy to help you reap better patient conversions over a period of time. Schedule a call today so that we can talk it out and see what exactly your website needs.

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