Event - Digital Healthcare in the Post-Pandemic India

Gaurav Dhingraby Gaurav Dhingra17 February, 2021
TATA Communication

Event -

Digital Healthcare in the Post-Pandemic India



With the onset of 2021, global citizens have entered a very interesting yet chaotic phase with the COVID-19 situation. While the vaccination drives have started in major economies and pandemic is showing signs of recession in certain geographies, there are signs of resurgence in a number of other countries. While it’s still unclear when will this pandemic end completely, discussions have started around what will be the future of the positive changes that were adopted during this period.

Adoption of technology and digital in the domain of healthcare is one such massive change. Digital healthcare has brought about great levels of accuracy, efficiency, accessibility and scale to the existing healthcare ecosystem. Telemedicine, healthcare at home, adoption of AI, smart measuring instruments, frugal technological innovations, and so on, have been some of the major pivots which have brought about this radical change.

As life slowly gets back to pre-COVID levels, will we see the same pace of digital adoption in the healthcare sphere or will these slow down and old practices will find their way back into our healthcare ecosystem?

Post Event Summary

This virtual discussion, organized by ETCIO.com and Tata Communications, brings together a group of experienced healthcare practitioners, technocrats, digital healthcare solution providers to deep-dive into the subject and find answers to such questions. Come, be a part of this insightful discussion!

In the Successful Webinar event organized by ETCIO in Association with TATA Communication, many speakers shared their opinions and discussed Digital Healthcare adoption and the future.

Watch the Recorded Webinar Video of Mr. Gaurav Dhingra, Managing Director, RI Infotech Pvt. Ltd., explaining how Using a mix of technology and marketing can enhance the healthcare business growth and that will enable the adoption of technology from the doctor's side and the adoption of services from the customer side.

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Gaurav Dhingra is digital marketing expert for healthcare companies, backed by robust technology team to develop strategy and execute plans to perfection. He is a passionate, dedicated and truly empathic listener, who has made a life of designing and delivering digital
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