The 3 Social Media Campaigns to Help Healthcare Practitioners Reach Out To Prospective Patients

Gaurav Dhingraby Gaurav Dhingra16 May, 2020

Healthcare marketing has become a requisite for all organizations in the healthcare industry today. A significant shift is visible in the way people used to search for healthcare practitioners 10 years ago and how they do it today.

According to a 2013 report by Pew Research Center, 72% of internet users look for health information online today. What does that mean for you as a healthcare service provider? It means that the smartest way to connect with service seekers is by meeting them where they are. At Social Media platforms!

At Refresh Healthcare, we help healthcare practitioners and institutions connect with prospective patients using digital marketing at its best. Here’s how we can help you with the successful running of these 3 incredible campaigns.

Campaign 1: Patient Awareness Programs

Pick a local business such as a dentist, pharmacy or gym which isn’t a direct competitor. Partner with them by making services like flu shots, pet vaccines or specific drugs available for free or at discounted rates. For instance, you can have free flu shots at a nearby gym. This small effort will go a long way as a promotion for both - you and the gym.

The event will only be a success if everyone shows up. To create awareness about it, we can help you design smart adverts, brochures and targeted digital content that will bring new patients to you.

Campaign 2: Sharing is Caring

Tags and shares in the pursuit of a giveaway are another great social media campaign scheme. This is especially ideal when the social presence of your institution goes stagnant and you want to reach out to more people. Promising people a special offer, discount or giveaway, practitioners can engage and connect with a wider audience using the same platform. A random winner can be selected at the end of the contest. For the successful running of any such campaign, it is important that the social media profile remains actively involved. Since most doctors and nurses won’t have the time, you can leave it to us to deliver your gratitude to all those who actively participate in the contest. We can handle your social media account and be as responsive as possible.

Campaign 3: Meet the Doctor Series

‘Meet a Doctor’ series is another great campaign to connect with your doctors (current or potential) in a less formal setting. A Meet the Doctor series can embark on a rather more personal and a light journey of the doctors with them sharing the best, worst and most difficult challenges and cases in the lives of doctor’s nurses and hospital staff. The campaign can feature video interviews, a Question/Answer session in the form of a monthly newsletter, a webinar or even live session where patients can directly interact with their doctors.

Tracking the Success

The easiest way to track the success of your campaign and whether they lived up to your expectation or not, is by evaluating the impact it made. With the help of the right analytical tools and metrics, we can help you determine if the campaign was a hit or a miss. Using our expertise, we shall track any new likes, followers and shares on social media. We shall also trace new website visitors, what time they were most active, the number of new appointments and bookings etc. This way you will have a thorough idea of how big an impact you campaign was able to make.

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