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Jijo Chackoby Jijo Chacko09 February, 2018

Doctors are busy professionals and it's very important that all crucial information is shared by patients with their doctors while visiting the OPD. 

While patients are normally tensed about their or their loved ones and in that state of mind they forget the very basic yet most important aspect of their visit - 'What to Tell The Doctor' 

As a healthcare marketing provider, we think it's our responsibility to educate the patients while they are waiting for their turn to see the doctor on what are the important things to share with the doctor, which helps the doctor to understand your symptoms and diagnose the problem. 

Refresh Healthcare developed ready to use posters designed for educating the patients on 'what they need to tell the doctor'. 

- Share Any Symptoms
- Give Information About Your Medications
- Tell the Doctor About Your Habits
- Voice Other Concerns

The posters are free to download. Add your clinic, hospital or company information to customize these posters and make them available in the patients waiting area, so they can look at these points and summarize on what to share with the doctor. It saves a lot of time for the doctor and also patient feel properly heard out. . 

Download Free 'TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR' Posters for Print

Download Facebook Post for 'What do I need to tell the doctor?'

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